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Intima RS Rear Brake Pads

Intima RS Rear Brake Pads

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Extreme Street Performance, Time Attack, Hill Climb, Motorkhana, Sprint, Short Circuit Racing


2022 Compound Update – Quicker bed in and improved pedal feel

The future of the circuit brake pad is formulated from Carbon-Kevlar, it is the Intima RS.
This revolutionary compound possesses all the desirable characteristics for serious track use without compromise for street use.

Kevlar material in brake pads provide major benefits over metallic based compounds:
Abrasiveness – Kevlar is gentle on rotors inherently being a softer material, this results in lower disc wear, maximising rotor life and providing a prolonged and smooth braking experience.
Heat Tolerance – High thermal stability and heat dissipation results in consistent performance, control and pedal feel while maintaining high levels of fade resilience.
Street Performance – Good cold performance combined with relatively low dust and noise are ideal for the street driven track car, switching pads for the street and track is a thing of the past.

When it’s time to race, confide in the Intima RS Carbon-Kevlar composition to deliver.
Providing high levels of friction across its broad temperature range, predictable and strong stopping power is delivered from initial to end pedal application – full braking confidence when you need it the most.

Quiet and clean for the everyday street use until unleashed onto the track, the Intima RS is ready for your high braking performance demands.

It all stops here, with the Intima RS – used and proven at WTAC 2022.

Note: Requires bed in as per included instructions. High carbon disc rotors designed for track use are recommended for optimal pad performance and durability.


  • Strong bite with excellent modulability
  • Consistent torque output throughout the temperature range
  • High levels of fade resistance
  • Disc rotor friendly
  • Long lasting performance until end of pad material
  • Lower dust and noise when compared other circuit pads



  • 0°c to ~ 850°c degrees operating temperature
  • 0.35 – 0.60µ friction coefficient
  • 100% Non-Asbestos Carbon Kevlar Formula
  • Scorched for improved bed-in
  • Suitable for street use
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