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Direct Clutch Nissan SR Solid Center Drift Special

Direct Clutch Nissan SR Solid Center Drift Special

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The Direct Clutch Services Heavy Duty Solid Button clutch has all the traits and characteristics of the Direct Clutch Services sprung button clutch kit, with the elimination of the sprung hub/centre.

The elimination of the sprung hub/centre is a commonly seen in applications that are dedicated to full time load or competition, when clutch reliability and consistency is of highest priority and elimination of the sometimes regarded weak link, the sprung centre or hub.

Plates are available in 3 4 5 6 & 8 button make up in a range of compounds and thickness, we can tailor make a clutch to your exact application.

Contrary to common belief, the solid hub clutch will drive similar to the the sprung hub unit. The deletion of the sprung hub only sees an increase in engine gearbox noise and sound feedback.

Solid hubs unit also offer the added advantage of less weight and reducing rotating mass , this can see an improved gearshifts , especially in syncomesh gearboxes.

Call 07 3862 2680 or email and the Direct Clutch Services team and we will be able to assist you with your clutch needs.

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